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Quick & Easy Online Billing & Accounting Software

#1 Billing Software in India for Small Businesses

Manage your complete business with Pksoftech, the best software for billing, inventory & accounting. 1 Cr+ small business owners in India trust Pksoftech. Very simple to use and no technical knowledge required.

Track Sales, Invoices & Clients' Payments Easily

The Pksoftech innovative system enables you to invoice clients fast - receive and track payments online. Use built-in powerful features to manage recurring invoices and payments. Combine this with easy transitions from estimates and quotes to active invoices and you will discover how it will help you to develop your business .

Inventory management and control system

Manage your supplier list and contact details, create & send purchase orders, improve inventory control through automatically updated stock levels whenever sale invoices and purchase orders are made, keep track of stock move levels, get notified when your inventory runs low and check out the product's sales statistics.

Pksoftech Features

  • Invoices Management & Tracking
  • Printed & Electronic Invoicing
  • Clients Following up
  • Different Payment Methods
  • Expenses & Income Tracking
  • Custom Invoice's Layout Creation
  • Customisable Email Templates
  • Inventory Management & Control
  • Invoice Complete Log History
  • Automatic Recurring Invoices
  • Client On-line Access Area
  • Multi-Users (Staffs)
  • Time Tracking Tools & Reports
  • Pre-filled Invoices Templates
  • Data Backup, Export and Import
  • Product Barcode Search
  • Quotes / Estimates Management
  • Pre-defined Products & Services
  • Payments Tracking & Reports
  • User Permissions Control
  • Taxes & Finance Reports
  • Multi-Taxes and Currencies
  • Deposit & Partial Payment
  • Suppliers & Purchase Orders
  • Pksoftech Benefits

    Lifetime free basic usage

    You can seamlessly create invoices, manage your dashboard, maintain inventory items, and use many other features for free using our free GST accounting and billing software.

    Track your business status

    Pksoftech business dashboard makes the entire management process seamless. You can check business cash flow, inventory status, open orders, and payment updates, all in one place.

    Manage cashflow seamlessly

    GST billing & accounting software allows the user to easily record all the business transactions and track payments. It automates management to prevent mistakes in accounting.

    Online/Offline billing software

    Using our billing tool, you need not stop your business operations due to weak internet connectivity. You can use the offline billing features in the app to generate bills.

    Provide multiple payment options

    Your customers are less likely to default on the payments if you provide multiple payment options for convenience. You can provide choices like UPI, QR, NEFT, IMPS, eWallet, and credit/debit cards.

    Keep data safe with backups

    Using our free GST software in India, you can set up an automatic backup of data, allowing you to safeguard the data stored in the app. For additional safety, you can create a local backup too.

    Build a positive brand image

    Providing professional quotes and estimates during the negotiation stage builds a positive brand image. Further, you can provide complete disclosure about the deal to build trust.

    Plan your inventory space

    Using our GST invoicing software, you can keep track of available items in your store. It can help you set up low inventory alerts to place advance orders and detect possible theft.

    Why Pksoftech

    Discover how Pksoftech software will help your business

    Free & Quick Support

    Our customer support team is always ready to answer your questions, help you troubleshoot issues, improve your experience and increase satisfaction with our software.

    Save Time & Effort

    With our powerful invoice management & accounting system, it takes only moments to create your estimates or invoices. Simple and comprehensive reporting and analysis tools complete the picture, saving you time and work.

    Anywhere & Anytime

    The Pksoftech software runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from our secure servers, and stays available, online, 365 days a year. You and your clients can access it from Anywhere and Anytime ...p>

    Simple & Advanced

    No need to read manuals, our intuitive user-friendly interface still operates with an impressive array of advanced tools that you can activate, or de-activate at any time


    Create your own invoice layout from a wide variety of templated options, upload your logo, select the site colours for your brand, and choose your personalised settings and you are ready to go!

    Free Updates

    Pksoftech has an ongoing upgrading plan to add new features to your business management system. No expiring licenses here ....any future updates will always be free.

    Budget Friendly

    We offer a completely free plan, low monthly subscription prices for heavy use, and no set up fees!

    Safe & Secure

    Hosted on secure servers, using standard 256 bit SSL encryption and Multiple Security Protection levels. Automatic backups guarantee that your business data will never be lost, And you can download your data at any time and keep a copy safe yourself.


    Professional billing and invoicing software are used to create personalized invoices for businesses. These invoices help reflect the brand’s identity and cater to the brand’s message to clients. Using Pksoftech as professional billing app, you can stand out among competitors with appealing invoice design. Further, you can track down paid and unpaid invoices and send payment reminders to the customers directly from the app.

    Pksoftech billing software is the best tool for small business owners who need help managing their finances and accounts. Using our billing tool, you can save a lot of time and efforts in creating an invoice for every customer.

    Although invoices and bills both outline how much money a customer owes to a business, they differ in some ways. An invoice must contain an invoice number, which is not mandatory in caseof a bill. The invoice includes details about everything included in a product or service, while a bill can have little information to get an overview of a transaction.

    Billing, in general, is categorized as:
    1. Order-based billing: It is used for bills with a fixed scope of work or a fixed number of items to be delivered.
    2. Delivery-based billing:It is used for bills that include an estimate of the cost involved as per the customer’s requirements.

    Here are some essential features of billing software.
    1. Creating quotations and estimates
    2. Managing inventory and stock
    3.Converting quotes to invoices
    4. Setting alerts and reminders
    5. Compatibility with mobile devices

    The main difference between a tax invoice and an invoice is that all sorts of taxes like GST and VAT are mentioned in a tax invoice, unlike regular invoices. You can use both types of invoices for financial reporting; however, you need a GST invoice to claim a tax credit.

    You can use our android billing app for free for a lifetime. Any business can get a 15-days free trial with the desktop version too. Pksoftech only charges for providing access to premium features and desktop software.

    No. Currently, the support for iOS devices is not available with Pksoftech app. You can use the Android billing app and desktop software to manage your finances.

    Using billing software can help you in multiple ways. Here are some benefits associated with professional billing app.
    1. Save time in creating invoices by eliminating redundant entries
    2. Keep all your accounting details in one place.
    3. Seamlessly accept online digital payments.
    4. Create personalized invoices with business logo, fonts, and theme.
    5. Ensure that all data is correct and calculations are made right.

    Internet connectivity is an issue in many areas in India. Having offline billing software eliminates the requirement to have an active internet connection to bill customers. It helps avoid problems due to bad internet connectivity and helps provide a seamless billing experience to customers.

    You can bill your customers for products/services from anywhere using online billing software. It helps you bill your customers directly from your Android device and send it over to your customers using WhatsApp or email.

    An offline billing software is used to create professional bills for customers without the need of an active internet connection. It makes it useful for businesses location in a region with a poor network connectivity like hilly and rural regions. Using the offline version helps ensure that the customers can get a good billing experience.

    You can create a simplified online billing system for your customers using our professional online billing software. Using Pksoftech, you can provide multiple payment methods to your customers to help them choose the most convinient way to pay.
    Dedicated Support

    Get priority support, for all your Pksoftech related queries and issues.

    Sync Support

    Sync between all your devices, with our team setting it up completely for you.

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