What is Low-Code Application Development?

Low-code is a software development approach that requires little to no coding in order to build applications and processes. A low-code development platform uses visual interfaces with simple logic and drag-and-drop features instead of extensive coding languages. These intuitive tools allow users with no formal knowledge of coding or software development to create applications for many purposes like mobile apps and business apps.

Visual Modeling Tools

Creating apps using visual methods and models is faster than developing using code. Powered with visual modeling capabilities, low-code platforms use built-in components to represent any information in a form that is readable to anyone – from regular business users with no tech skills to professional developers.

Out of the box functionality

Leading low-code systems provide OOTB (out-of-the-box) functionality, which eliminates the need to build core modules for apps from scratch. For example, some low-code platforms include modules for data management or modules for customer facing apps, such as service management or sales processes management.

Drag-and-Drop Interfaces

Every established low-code platform has drag-and-drop abilities. It is one of the most useful and important features that enables an easy development process. Both citizen developers and professional developers benefit from the convenience drag-and-drop features provide during the creation of applications.


One major aspect of low-code development’s OOTB functionality is the usage of pre-configured modules and functionality for apps. These modules have common core functions needed for several apps, and they can be reused to develop different solutions more quickly. It’s essential that a low-code platform allows users to reuse prebuilt or newly-developed modules, plug-ins, and entire applications to develop necessary apps faster.

Cross-Platform Accessibility

Multi-device compatibility is a useful feature of low-code platforms. In addition to the ability to use the low-code platform on any device running major operational systems, its cross-platform compatibility allows users to build apps that can also run on all core platforms and devices.


No matter how functional and user-friendly a low-code tool is, if it’s not secure, it is not a sufficient solution. Make sure that your low-code development platform offers proper security to protect the apps you are building and the platform as a whole before you start using it.


Low-code systems should be scalable. It should be able to build new apps that can handle an increase in users as your business grows, whether that be twenty employees or a thousand.

Reporting & monitoring Monitoring

Apps developed using low-code can monitor workflows and processes to keep track of their effectiveness. They can also track the performance of other apps, and are useful for analysis purposes.

Application lifecycle management

Low-code tools simplify and streamline several stages in the software development lifecycle, such as debugging, testing, and deployment. They give users access to information about the apps created and their development and give them the ability to revert to previous versions if needed for better application lifecycle management.

Our Low-code Delivers Impact

Build Applications Fast

Rapidly build beautiful, powerful apps with visual design tools that empower business/IT collaboration.

Embrace Multi-experience Development

Easily create engaging and consistent user experiences across web, mobile, and other digital touchpoints.

Integrate Data Seamlessly

Connect and act upon data wherever it resides - RDBMS, cloud services, or legacy systems all without any need to migrate data.

Scale With Confidence

Designed to securely and reliably operate in even the most demanding enterprise environments worldwide.

Visual No-code Designer

Empower business and IT collaboration using visual development to rapidly build apps.

Powerful Low-code Tools

Handle simple to complex business applications that power your enterprise.

Beautiful UX

Create engaging applications that your users will love.

Collaborative Development

Bridge the business/IT divide by drawing business applications instead of coding them.

Work Across Digital Touchpoints

Empower your users to seamlessly work across mobile, desktop, or any digital touchpoint.

Build Once, Deploy Everywhere

Dramatically reduce development time by designing apps once and deploying them natively across all devices.

Orchestrate the Internet of Things (IoT)

Use our robust integration to connect your IoT devices to critical business applications.

Easily Brand User Experiences

Easily manage and apply branding with UI frameworks that ensure a consistent look and feel across your organization's apps.

Prebuilt UIs

Delight end users by leveraging a large library of multi-experience UI frameworks and templates.

No-code Integration

Low-code data lets you connect all your enterprise data and systems with pre-built connectors for RDBMS, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, AI, RPA, Open API web services, and more without coding.

No Data Migration

Use, control, and keep your data updated across all original sources, while leaving your data in place.

Unify Data

Eliminate data silos with low-code data and view your data in a single, customizable, actionable interface.

Integration SDK

Extend Pksoftech by building and deploying your own no-code integrations or UI components.

One-Click Deployment

Automate the software development lifecycle with continuous delivery and continuous integration.

Deploy Changes Confidently

Run automated unit and UI tests to deploy applications with confidence.

Keep Your Apps Healthy

Gain insights and performance risks into your application design patterns, user experience, infrastructure and configurations.

No Downtime

Run your critical applications 24x7 with 99.99% best-in-class high-availability and 1 minute RPO.

Global Coverage

Keep your data local. Pksoftech Cloud is available in 20 regions and 56 availability zones.

A+ security rating

Maintain your data and applications safely with our industry leading security.

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