Smart School Solutions

A intelligent solution you can trust for automating your school

Discover The Benefits Of School Management Solutions


Automate and monitor your campus Monitor and manage the administrative process efficiently, with aspects like staff and student records, transport management, timetable automation, admissions, fee structures, leave requests, all covered, anytime and anywhere.


Track the students performances Keep track and analyze student reports, timetable, attendance, homework, task reminders, examination and results, school calendar, grade books, and email notifications and chat internally with co-teachers.


Keep your child’s safety on the top Know your child’s daily routine along constant tracking of their GPS location. Get a complete overview of factors such attendance, assignments, home works, exam schedules and results, time table updates, fees, and more.


Never miss your notes or homework Our solution offers students easy access to school assets such as library, timetables, assignment reminders, question banks, upcoming events, and other notifications. They can even connect socially and share memories in the gallery.

Attendance and Tracking

An attendance management system which records attendance for student and teachers

Attendance can be captured at any stage, by bus drivers or attendants on the bus, school guards at the school entrance, and teachers in their classes.
It can be recorded manually, with the mobile app while every single student can be tracked via integration of RFID machines.
Once attendance is recorded, parents and school administration gets an instant notification in real time via a mobile app.

Fee Management System

An automated, adaptable, and comprehensive solution that covers the school financials

Brings simplicity, accuracy, and ease in the fee management process, while translating into extensive time savings for the accounts departments.
Serves the benefits of eco-friendliness, with the fee systems for hundreds of students going completely paperless.
The benefits of automation in fee management extends to the parents too, as they can pay online and stay updated on the fee status.

School Bus Tracking

A complete transport management system that ensures safety-in-transit for students

School administration can easily create and manage all the bus routes for the students based on their location and requirements.
Real-time tracking along the route for every single vehicle in the fleet to assure student safety throughout.
Vehicle tracking access for the parents so that they can constantly keep an eye on their wards and be confident about their safety.

All-in-One Communication

Efficient, easy, and structured communication that keeps parents connected with the school

Seamless communication via a feature-rich mobile app that is available for both iOS and Android platforms.
Availability of features such as educational records, exam reports, timetables, alerts and announcements, school gallery, secure fee payments, and more.
Enable parents to detect the live location of their wards and get prompt notifications about their arrival/departure with the use of RFID and GPS technologies.

Smart Environmental Sensors

A smart system that ensures safety, comfort, and eco-friendliness of your school campus

Enables tracking on the entire school from the control room to prevent any safety issue or dangerous incident.
Provides metrics such as temperature and humidity to be used for controlling the air conditioner temperature.
Gives information about noise level of classrooms to the teachers and administration so that they can maintain discipline

A complete campus management solution for schools, colleges, and universities Management solution for schools, colleges, and universities

Innovating education is not only about discovering new ways to deliver classroom learning. It is also about automating your campus with a solution that covers every aspect of management. OrangeMantra’s smart school solution is a multi-platform campus automation system for schools, colleges, and universities. Discover a high-tech suite of automated tools that simplifies school management, streamlines communication between administrators, teachers, and parents, and enables better learning and safe environment for the students.