Toll Free Services

Get a professional toll free number and give your customers the privilege of calling your business for free

Why does your business need a toll free number?

Well, your customers love freebies! By using a toll free number, you provide your customers with an option to call you for free, without spending a penny. That's why an 1800 number gets more calls than a non-toll-free number. And indeed, more sales, more revenue, and more profits.

A toll-free number can help you bring a paradigm shift in your customer experience by enabling your customers to conveniently reach out to you without any cost.
Tata Tele Business Services’ Toll-Free Services are provided on a state-of-the-art and intelligent network with easy to remember 1800 and 1860 number series to the enterprises. With an industry-first SLA commitment and an exclusive self-care portal, our services ensure that enterprises can establish higher service standards and be always accessible to the customers.
Enterprises can use our toll-free number services to enhance their customer service by always staying in touch with their existing customer base and making convenient for the new customers to reach their product/services. It helps businesses maximize the call volume, drive better sales and ROI and improve retention rate. It is the best way to evaluate the effectiveness of the web pages, promotional campaigns, and other marketing strategies taken by the businesses.

Features of Toll Free Number Solution


Answer every customer query with the IVR’s multi-level menu to establish immediate interaction with your customer.

Call Recording

Automatic call recording enables you to listen and analyze them, to understand your customers better.

Call Routing

Call routing enables the available agents to answer the customer calls as the call routes to the free agents to reduce customer wait time.

Benefits of Toll Free Number Solution

Boost your services and products efficiently with Toll free number campaigns.

Increase Lead Conversion

Toll free numbers drive greater call rates, which results in significant lead conversion rates for businesses.

Build Brand Recall Value

1800 toll free numbers are easier to recall, enabling customers to engage effortlessly across multi-touchpoint campaigns.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Customers bear zero cost when reaching out to you, giving them more options for query resolution and grievance addressing.

Generate Business in New Markets

Expand your customer service reach across the country without on-site infrastructure investment through premium toll free numbers.

Track Marketing Campaigns

Seamlessly track marketing campaign effectiveness. Collect customer feedback and surveys instantly through toll free numbers.

Establish 24 x7 Availability

With toll free business numbers, be available to your customers even after business hours.